Where We Are Now

So…where is Fairview now in our onboarding of our new Church Management  Software?

Still learning.

All of the former paper membership records have been input into the new software.

We are still establishing guidelines for use, and developing systems and processes. We are still discovering new ways it can be used, be linked to the public web site and other features.

We are happy with Breeze customer service and their response to our questions.

There are still times when we discover the software can’t do what we want at the time. Breeze is good about responding to feature requests and we’ve accepted that not every software works the same – each has it’s own unique features.

Overall, we are happy with the software and what it does to help us.

Next week, with Easter approaching, I’ll tell you some ways you can use your Church Management software to help follow up with guests at Easter and keep track of data on who is connecting through your community outreach events.

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