When The Church Is There

If you haven’t already read it, start here. That’s the post that got my little piece of the internet noticed.

Not like National News Noticed, just more noticed than usual. I’m usually okay with being not noticed.

I don’t typically add my name or watermark to the graphic. You don’t know I edited the video, produced the website, made the copies, bought the coffee cups, or that I was the voice behind the social media post.

But in this case, something was definitely different. I really needed people to know what happened. Because it wasn’t really about me. It was about people who didn’t know who Jesus really is.

One week ago, I realized who didn’t like or trust us – the church.

I realized why they didn’t like or trust us – the church.

And for a brief glorious and, at the same time, scary horrible moment, I was in two worlds.

I was one of us. I was the church. I was being like Jesus would be and I was doing what Jesus would do.

But I was also one of them.

“You’re right. I feel unloved, unwanted, left out on a limb, stranded on base, unprepared, a bit uncomfortable, forgotten, angry, and seriously hurt.”

“…church people suck…”

But God.

I talked with a few friends.

They saw that you were human. • They saw you have the same feelings they do • You dropped the Christian mask.

Dropped the mask.

I don’t even know how to wrap this up.

I’ve got nothing quotable, or funny, witty, or clever.

But God.

Yesterday they showed up. Same bench. They went to church with my husband, son, and I.

We took them to lunch after church.

They saw and heard something different yesterday.

I know it was different because they want to go back.

They said everyone was kind to them.

They want to go back.

They trust us to meet us again this Sunday. Same time. Same bench.

I cannot believe it….they actually want to go back.

I didn’t hear anything different yesterday.

It was a hard lesson I’d already learned.

I think I learned it years ago.

Or maybe I just learned it a week ago.

This one could change your life: