VBS Attendance and Involvement

VBS can be a great time of year for an Assimilation and Connections person. Think of all of the guests you have an opportunity to reach during this time. It can also be a challenge for your software administrator.

Last year, our registration and check-in system went well and in a few days, we’ll begin this year.

Here are a few tips:

1. Use the software to build your registration form. That way the data is in the software. With a lot of the ChMS, forms don’t always auto-populate profile fields. Which leads to #2.

2.  Recruit help with data entry. Remember all of those people who said they’d help in the office? Now is the time to call them in. Ask them to bring their personal laptops if they are able and give them enough software permissions to update profile fields, even if those permissions. (Also, make sure you provide something for them – order lunch in or get them gift certificates to a coffee shop.)

3. If you can’t recruit data entry help, tell your family you love them and you’ll be back after VBS.

4. Add those visitors and guests to your system. First, you’ll need them in there if you intend to use the event check-in features (and security labels features) of your software (which I highly recommend). And, second, if they do end up attending or joining your church, you’ll be able to track back to their first event (how they originally connected), which will delight your marketing team and accounting team. Utilize membership type codes and have a code of ‘other’ or ‘event.’

5. Don’t forget about volunteer scheduling features of thes software. Use the software to help organize and communicate with volunteers.

Most of all, have fun and remember why we do this. As much as we love organization and connections, there are times when we miss a setting on a software or there’s an error in data entry. Those can seem like a huge detail to us, but when we step back and look at the big picture, they really aren’t that major. We’re helping to point kids in the direction of Jesus and hope this becomes a turning point in their lives. We’re looking at eternity.

Have a few sheets of labels, fun-colored Sharpie markers, and themed stickers as a back-up plan if needed. Smile and let Jesus’ light shine through you. Learn from any mistakes. There’s always next year!

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