Feeling Alone

Recently  God called our family to make a change. It many ways it wasn’t an easy decision. It meant taking a new look at things we’d always felt were right or wrong. It meant going someplace we said we’d never go.

But in other ways it was easy. Because after a lot of prayer, counsel, and discernment, we knew it was where God was calling us.

This change also meant a new routine and thus, I find myself not regularly seeing the friends I had been seeing regularly.

Yet, I haven’t really connected with a new group of friends.

The old group of friends can’t understand why we’d make this decision.

The new group people seem like they already have their circles.

And I feel like this:

Parking Lot


And I remember, that with God, I’m never truly alone. He’s got a plan, a purpose and a reason for this season.

Does this happen in our churches?

What about our church guests?

When I run a report of first time guests who didn’t return for a second visit, I want to hear their voices.

I want to ask:

Did you feel welcome or unwanted?

Was there confusion and chaos or did you feel calmness and clarity?

Did you feel alone or did you feel like you were among family?

Every Sunday we have first time guests who are doing something they’ve never done before: coming to our church. Which means, they aren’t doing whatever it was they did any previous Sunday.

Any change has the potential to cause someone to feel alone.

I pray this is never the case in our churches.

2 thoughts on “Feeling Alone

  1. I had some thoughts after reading this post.
    It’s not just first time guests who feel alone. Folks who have gone for years can feel as though they are no longer important to others and be left behind in the frenzied search for first time guests and trying to make them come back. There needs to be balance and nurturing of the longer term members while cultivating the new membership.

    Simple thoughts from a simple girl. 🤔


  2. It is definitely the case in churches. Although, in my experience not most of them. But I have definitely felt to myself at a few. Surprisingly it’s been the church’s that people rave about being so “awesome”. I didn’t know you had a site. I will check on it from now on. You’ve got some good stuff to say.


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