Do You Need A Church Management Software?

Do you need a Church Management Software?

In short, no.

You NEED God’s Word and strong visionary leader.

You need a core group of people committed to driving the church forward no matter what phase you’re in – launch team, elders, core staff.

You need to be committed to prayer.

You don’t need a church management software.

But a good church management software will help you in several areas.

  • Organize volunteers and schedules.
  • Integrate with your web site and/or other external calendars. Data entry takes place once and with one click, the information appears in multiple locations.
  • Track financial giving and offer online giving options.
  • Event registration and check-in.
  • Nursery/children’s check-in with the option to print security labels.
  • Group management options that allow you to move communications into the hands of small group leaders.
  • Input attendance on large gatherings (Sunday morning worship service) to track growth metrics.
  • Church-wide and group-specific messaging.
  • Keep all church-data in one single, secure location.
  • Track visitors and guests as they assimilate into the life and culture of your church.
  • Track attendance to know when to follow up with people who haven’t been at church for awhile.
  • Keep Pastoral or staff notes in a custom notes field.
  • Set reminders to follow up with individuals  or assign follow ups to other key staff members or volunteers.
  • Keep track of prayer requests.

There are many other features a good church management software will provide. So, while it’s not a NEED, it is definitely something you should want.

Tomorrow we’ll look into the question:  what do you want in a church management software?


2 thoughts on “Do You Need A Church Management Software?

    • Thank you! Let me know what topics you’d like to see me address. I’ve already had one request to journal our church’s transition from one Church Management Software to another. Please let me know what would be of interest to you.


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