What Do You Need?

I live in North Carolina. Over the weekend we had snow. And ice. It was only a few inches of snow with a nice glaze of ice. Enough ice that there were people ice skating on neighborhood streets. Terms were thrown around: Snowmageddon, Snowpocolypse, Snowzilla.

What we in North Carolina call “Snowmageddon,” people in other parts of the country might call “average Monday morning.”

One of the things we do is run to the store and stock up on bread, milk, toilet paper, and snack food (any brand of potato chips or crackers will do).  There are long lines at the gas pumps. People rush to get everything they need to ‘hunker down’ for an unknown period of time. Personally, and inevitably, I always forget something. (This time I forgot that I have a 17-year-old son with an electric guitar and thus, I forgot earplugs. And ibuprofen.)

Philippians 2:4 instructs us to not only look out for our own interest, but also the interest of others.  This can be a daunting task for church leaders – shepherds caring for their flock.

How can a good Church management software help?

This weekend, a church in North Carolina, used the forms feature within Breeze ChMS to create a custom form.

They asked simple questions:

  • Are you in need of anything?
  • Are you able to offer your home to someone without power?
  • Are you able to safely drive and run errands or provide rides to people?

Form responses were automatically sent (emailed) to one person, but also accessible by people with form privileges within the software.

Church Community Builder has a ‘needs’ feature for each group in the software.  Group leaders can create needs, group members can sign up to take those needs.  Church leaders with full software privileges can view those needs and sign ups across all groups.

These are just a few examples of how a Church management software can help you meet the needs of your Church body.

How are you managing needs within your own Church?

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