CHURCH Management Software

Church Management Software is software for the entire church.

When discussing Church Community Builder (CCB) with a friend, who was then serving as Executive Pastor for church, he said, “this is worth any amount you pay for it, even if you only use it for children’s check in.”

This Church did have a high ratio of children (birth – elementary) to adults and they were more than likely maximizing that area of the software.

If you want to maximize your software and get everything you are paying for, it’s important to know everything it will do and how it all fits together.

Do the people who input financial contributions know to look for families who may have been entered at children’s check in prior to entering a new contributor?

Does your Next Steps Director know how to run reports to see who was entered and how to merge family members together?

There are two important things that can help you maximize your software.

  • Who is your software administrator?  Designate one person who understands how the software affects the Church as a whole.  This is one person who will have access to the entire software and should have authority to make judgement calls on where, when and how it is used. The software administrator may not reflect the structure of the Church.  The Senior/Lead Pastor is leading the Church, but may not be the best person to act software administrator. The software administrator should be trusted with all affairs of the Church. Choose your software administrator wisely and make sure Ministry Team Leaders understand their authority in making decisions as to how the software is used.


  • Regular ongoing training.  Your software administrator should participate in any training provided by the software company.  But most importantly, anyone within your congregation needing upgraded permissions to perform tasks, should be trained on it’s use.  Since every action within one area of the software has the potential to affect other areas, it is important that everyone is on the same page and understands how to use it.

How did you choose your software administrator?

How is your church providing ongoing training to Church Leaders?


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