The Software Is A ____________ Tool.

Yesterday, my boss and I had a conversation about what my job duties and responsibilities.

Administration. Communication. Assimilation or Connection.

This led me to think about how we view our Church Management Software.

As an administrative tool – it can be used in all areas. Some programs available offer, not only a way to track contributions, but a full accounting suite, with the ability to track both accounts payable and receivable. It can give your Administrative Assistant the ability to run custom reports (with accurate data) in minutes without having to look over and assimilate data from paper different data sources.

As a communication tool – it can be linked to your public web site. Calendar features can display images for events. Links can be added to register for events. It can be used to all ministry directors to schedule services and people.

As an assimilation or connection tool – it can be used to see who is attending – where and when. From a first time guest getting connected, to the new church member making a commitment, to a long-time member being commissioned to the mission field.

What is the primary way you use your Church Management Software?

If you had to fill in the blank, what would you choose?

(If my boss is reading: Communications.)

3 thoughts on “The Software Is A ____________ Tool.

  1. Church Management Software is a digital extension of our present non-digital processes. It helps us quickly identify gaps in our present non-digital systems, and find ways to modernize our church processes. I like to use this analogy. Great photographers have existed since the beginning of film, but the digital camera speeds up the ‘feed back loop’, which allows the digital photographer to make minor exposure adjustments on the spot, instead of waiting till the film is developed and learning that they were slightly off on the set.

    CMS provide a quick snapshot of the health of our church while allowing us to communicate quickly and in a timely fashion…. CMS – allows our church to MOVE at the speed of Church, instead of the speed of …

    Okay – as you can see, i’m a little passionated about church systems, and digital strategies… 🙂

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    • Thanks, adminccb. I usually say, “the software reflects the church, not the opposite.” We’re not building the church based on what the software says. It doesn’t even have to define our processes and systems. We sometimes do have to let the software determine our action steps (ie, how we take attendance, etc.).


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