What Is This?

skin close up

Have you ever played one of those “what is this close up” games? You know, you think it’s a sunflower and it turns out to be a bumblebee?

I’ve had that same experience with church management software. This week, I was examining CCB Process Queues. I love them. When used appropriately, they can streamline a lot of processes and centralize some communication.

So I looked closely at each queue and each process. And they each looked great.

And then I stepped back and took the 30,000-foot view (by the way, I’ve been made aware that I just used one of the most annoying business phrases).

And I saw a few things: they weren’t working the way I thought they were and the people receiving the alerts weren’t seeing the same things I was seeing.

It’s not a secret that CCB ranks pretty high up on my list of top Church Management Software programs. I also realize that most [normal] people don’t quite love this as much as I do.

It’s my goal to help people understand the why and the what before introducing the how.

So, I called my doctor and asked for prescription anti-anxiety medication, considered moving to a tropical island, offered to suspend the process queues for awhile and try [revert back to] something different [and familiar].

I think I saw the person on the other side of the desk let out a sigh of relief.

I also signed away my weekend, but who are we kidding? This is CCB. When people [at work] ask what I do for fun I tell them that this is what I do for fun. Sometimes I forget I’m working. When I do remember that I’m working, I’m grateful I get paid to do this.

I’m not killing off process queues. I still love them. I still understand their value. There’s definitely a goal to begin using them again – soon.

In the close up view, I saw my computer and my processes.

Taking a step back, I saw the people.

Sometimes it’s in the best interest of the people to let go of a process in order to make progress.

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