Everything Communicates

communications devices

If you read this blog with any regularity, you’ll learn that while I love church management software, I know it’s just a tool in the overall communications of the church. I also use it as a primary tool for tracking guest services and assimilation. I think the right software can – and should – be the center of church communications.

You’ll also learn that I believe everything we do communicates. Everything communicates something in some way.

Which led me this week to an often overlooked setting by many churches when it comes to their church management software: custom wording in your financial settings.

What wording is going on your end-of-year giving statements? Is it ‘stock wording’ that came with the software? Is there anything at all? Does it reflect the culture of your church?

If you don’t know where this setting is, check under the financial settings of your software and make it  yours.

Everything communicates!

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